Recent History

In 2007 the church took a stand for biblical truth by voting to leave the United Church of Christ. It was decided that the best course to take was to rewrite the constitution, change the name, and become an independent Bible teaching church. Several individuals and families who left the church came back after the move was made. In October of 2011 a committee was formed to search for a permanent pastor to lead the church. In August of 2012 Matt Zodrow was voted in as the new pastor of Immanuel Faith Community Church Wells Creek.

The church is currently enjoying a season of spiritual and numerical growth. The healthy traditions of the past have been kept which connects the church to its heritage. The message of the historic Christian faith is central to everything the church currently does, namely the need for salvation through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as communicated through the gospel, as well as the need for a personal relationship with Christ, and a life-style of repentance and faith. Expository preaching, Bible study, prayer, and deep relationships are also being emphasized, which provide a firm anchor for the Church to grow in the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who belong to the church appreciate its rich history, but are even prouder to say that it is currently a gospel-centered community committed to truth and relationships.


In the year 1880, a group of German pioneers banded together to organize a "Deutsche Evangelische Germeinde Zu Wells Creek" (German Evangelical Congregation at Wells Creek). These pioneers appropriately named this Evangelical Church "Immanuel" meaning "God With Us" for in those primitive days God had to be with them to strengthen their vision of a church in the wide open country. A traveling minister, Pastor William Fehe, conducted their first services which were held in the homes of interested families.

On April 12th, 1880, the organized group decided to build a house of worship. Frederick and Anne Volkening gave five acres of land and in the fall of that year a modest building, 24 x 28 feet, stood at the crossroads of the Wells Creek Community. The organized effort of the 20 charter male members made this possible.

All these men were born in Germany with the exception of one, Henry Hupe. Only three of them had lived in this community before 1877.

Pastor Karl Kraff was the first residing minister. Until the parsonage was completed in the spring of 1881, he and his family lived in the Frederick Volkening home. In the early years, Sunday School was conducted only during summer months. The first Mission Festival was held in 1890 and has been held annually since 1892.

After 20 years, the first building was no longer adequate. On May 20th, 1900, when membership had increased from twenty families to fifty, the congregation decided to build a much larger building. Its dimensions were to be 36 x 56 feet, and 18 feet high on the side walls. The tower was to be 12 x 12 feet, and 75 feet high. On August 19th, 1900, the cornerstone of this present building was laid and in December the happy congregation worshipped in a completed building led by their minister, Pastor John Abele.

Services were conducted entirely in the German language until the time of the first World War, when there was an occasional service in English. Confirmation instruction was not offered in English until 1922. The minutes of congregational meetings were not taken in English until 1930. English came to be used entirely in about 1935 and the last German sermon was on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Church in December 1950 and was delivered by a former pastor, Pastor C.J. Raase.

Realizing the value of fellowship with one another, the congregation completed a basement and had the church building moved over it during 1948 and 1949. The original church building of 1880 was sold and now stands on the Ervin Niedfeldt farm. It was no longer needed as the basement was adequate for the children's Sunday School and other social and organizational meetings. Many improvements to the church took place in 1955, and on August 21st, a Homecoming celebration was held in observance of the 75th anniversary. Many former members joined in the celebration.


Names of the Church

Immanuel Evangelical Church                                      1880 -1934

Immanuel Evangelical and Reformed Church            1934 - 1957

Immanuel United Church of Christ                              1957 - 2007

Immanuel Faith Community Church Wells Creek      2007 - Present


William Fehe                           1880

Karl Kraft                                 1880 – 1881

Fred Weltge, Sr.                      1881 - 1885

Theodore Paulisch                 1885 – 1886

G Becker                                  1886 – 1887

Gustav Dietel                          1887 – 1888

Herman Pistor                        1888 – 1889

P Brueckner                            1889 – 1891

H Kupfernagel                        1891 – 1892

John Abele                               1893 – 1906

Conrad Gastrock                    1906 – 1909

Fred Weltge, Jr                        1909 – 1926

Carl J. Raase                            1926 – 1935

C. E. Wierth                             1935 – 1938

Edward Fresen                       1940 – 1945

Vernon Kurz                           1946 – 1956

Harold Potts                           1956 – 1959

Irvin Stegner                           1961 – 1973

Ralph Peters                           1974 – 1981

Chas. F. Fisch                          1981 – 1986

Roy Rutherford                      1987 – 1987*

Dan Mott                                 1987 – 1990

Rick Wright                              1991 – 1992*

Joshua Eddy                            1993 – 1996

Drew Morris                            1997 – 1998*

Robert Treichel                       1998 – 2003

Scott Kenefake                        2003 - 2004*

Rick Wright                              2005 – 2012*

Matt Zodrow                           2012 - 2015

Tim Pearson                           2016 - Present